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25 November 1989
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Hey, my name is Emmy!
Livejournal name explanation: It's a song by Gravy Train!!!! where the lyrics are Apellez-moi, which is "Call Me" in french, I like it because it's janky not because I'm emo.
I'm a sophmore-ish at Georgia State and plan on being a philosophy professor in the future because I'm too much of a Ravenclaw. I like to have fun in my spare time. I concentrate on aesthetic things a great deal and I love secretly analyzing my friends based on their astrological charts. I also love dancing until I want to pass out. Ideologically I think material possessions are unimportant but I love pretty clothes and stuff.
I go to too many cons, but I guess that will stop once the Harry Potter ones stop happening. *tears*
I don't use this as much as I used to, but it's all good.